Becoming an Attraction Magnet..

We attract the circumstances we have, in our life today, by the thoughts we dwelled upon the most in our past moments of living. When we change our thoughts in the present moment, we begin the process of attracting an entirely different set of circumstances in our future moments of living.

Thoughts are magnets in the physical universe. When we focus our attention on thoughts about the things we love to do most, those thoughts and the actions we take based on those thoughts attract wonderful things into our life and makes life very magical for us.

If you are like most people I know, when you doing what you love to do the most, it makes you feel happy, content, fulfilled, and satisfied. It makes you feel like everyone and everything in the universe is on your side and they are.

Doing what we love to do the most creates the very best feelings in us and those feelings acting like powerful spiritual magnets attract into our lives the desires of our heart with no effort at all.


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