Do you ever feel depressed?

The "so called" experts in the field of mental health field have a tendency to make the simple human experience of being depressed very complicated and as a result people suffer from depression when it is not necessary to suffer from depression at all.

For example, when you feel depressed, there is only one thing that makes you feel that way and that is your mind thinking thoughts of lack and scarcity in regards to love, health or money matters in such numbers that you are buried under them. That's why you feel depressed and for no other reason at all.

You can't possibly feel depressed when your mind is being flooded with thoughts of abundance about love, health and money matters. In fact, when your mind is being flooded with thoughts of abundance, beyond measure, you can't help but walk around with a silly grin on your face as a result of how good those thoughts make you feel.

Suffer From Depression No More....

You are trained (educated) by doctors, therapists and drug companies to see depression as a complicated, life threatening, disease because depression is a huge money maker for those folks. They make BIG BUCKS off of your suffering when it is not necessary to make money off of your suffering at all.

Don't blame these folks for making big bucks off of you.
They have been trained (educated), by the people who came before them, to see something wrong with you and then convince you that there "is" something wrong with you so they can make big bucks off of you. Remember, if these people don't find something wrong with you, you wouldn't need their services and they would go out of business.

As a result of you giving your "personal power" away to these folks and believing them, when they tell you there is something wrong with you that is outside your control, you pay them big bucks to medicate, drug, and sedate you and make you FEEL dependent on them when it is not necessary to be dependent on them at all.

Liberating Your Mind From DEPRESSING THOUGHTS

When you do not question the thoughts you think that make you feel depressed, those thoughts RULE your life.

If you OBSERVE (without judgment) the thoughts you think that make you feel depressed, insights and AHA'S will flash into your mind that will provide you with the knowledge you need that will set your free.

This knowledge will allow you to make those depressing thoughts and the unpleasant emotions that go along with them disappear from your life with no effort at all.


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