Insights into our Thoughts

Thoughts have consequences. The first place we feel those consequences is in the body.

Positive thoughts make the body feel healthy and negative thoughts make the body feel sickly.

Positive thoughts expands the cells of the body and allows the energy within the body to flow freely.

Illness, in many cases, is a result of the thoughts we think that prevents the energy within the body from flowing freely.

When, by our thoughts, we restrict the flow of energy in our body, we experience emotional distress. If we do not intervene and alleviate the emotional distress, it buries itself into our physical body and manifest itself in the form of a physical illness.

Thoughts attract or repel what we want. The great thing is, since they are our thoughts, we can change them anytime we find we ourselves thinking thoughts that are pushing things away from us rather than attracting things to us.

When we change our thoughts, the consequences of our thoughts change along with them. What could have been bad consequences become good ones when we think the very best thoughts we can.

All thoughts are good thoughts including the ones we judge to be negative. Negative thoughts are nothing more than "benevolent teachers" in disguise entering our lives to teach us lessons in love.

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