The Source of Unhappiness

The source of all unhappiness is fear, plain and simple. People live in fear and then deny they live in fear and wonder why life isn't as magical for them as it once was during their growing up years.

Until you conquer your fears, you are never truly free.

When fear rules your life, things go wrong more often than they should and by your fear-based thoughts and actions you attract into your life all kinds of unpleasant circumstances and situations that need never show up in your life if you lived life fearlessly.

People are so accustomed to living in fear, they think it is normal.....and in thinking it is normal to live in fear, they live in bondage to people who use fear as a way to control their lives. The sad thing is that what people are taught to fear the most is themselves and therein lies the real tragedy of life...
"Living in fear is the absence of love living in your heart"

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