Trusting Impulses, Urgings, Promptings

I call them heavenly impulses because they are gentle and peaceful. They slide into your mind when you least expect them. They are unassuming and show up in your mind as a matter of fact with no explanation. Some people call them "intuitive impulses." Many people simply ignore these impulses and yet they are the very ones that can lead you or someone you know out of the darkness into the LIGHT...

Here is a good example of what I mean. I received a "impulse" to send an article I wrote to a friend of mine. The article is the one up on this site titled: Creating with our Thoughts.

When I sent this article to my friend, I prefaced my letter to him with these comments:

I am not sure why I am sending this article to you off of my club site. I was prompted twice before to send it to you but ignored those promptings. I was prompted a third time a few moments ago. As a matter of practice, when I am prompted to do something three times, I do it, even if I don't understand why. Maybe you will have the answer as to why I am sending this to you, and then again, maybe not. :) - Frederick

Within a short period of time, I received a response back to him that confirmed to me that my "impulse" to send him the article was right on the mark. Here is his response.

This article really touched me because I know what it is like to receive that kind of "inner urging" and I am learning to listen and act on these intuitive message's as well.

I loved this article as it spoke to me in a few very direct ways. I am going in for a large interview tomorrow, it is actually my second one with this company. It is a position that is directly linked to one of my strong passions so this is why I am going for it.

The thing that this article brought to my attention that I may be thinking too much of what I perceive the interviewer's are thinking...and that is HUGE! Now that I am tuned into that, I can re-adjust my thinking and allow rather than sending out negative vibes that do not even exist and undermine my intention to get the job.

As you can see, by trusting my "impulse" to send the article to my friend, when I did, I provided him with some valuable information that was relevant to his situation. The content of the article and the timing when I sent it to my friend was perfect. This is especially true since I didn't even know he was considering a new job therefore there was no way for me to know, in advance, how valuable the information in my article would be to him. This is a simple example of trusting my impulses, one of many I receive and act upon everyday.

Things you should know about Intuitive Impulses.

1. They are gentle and quiet, don't clamor for your attention.
2. You never feel any urgency to act on them.
3. They are rarely accompanied with an explanation as to why you should act on them.
4. They provide you with knowledge that goes beyond the rational mind's way of thinking.
5. The information makes life easier for yourself or someone you know.
6. You have to act on your impulses for them to have value for yourself or others.
7. The ability to fully trust your intuitive impulses becomes stronger with practice.



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