Our Powerful Mind!

Our mind is a most powerful thing, more powerful than we know. In fact, we have been so used to having a mind for such a long, long time that we take its power completely for granted.

Our mind is like a GENIE in a bottle, it will deliver to us whatever we tell it to deliver but we have to be the one's in charge and give our mind its COMMANDS. This is where DAILY AFFIRMATIONS come in. With daily affirmation we are "consciously" programming our mind to deliver to us what we want, without fail.

If we tell our mind that our life is perfect in every way it will, in a short period of time, begin delivering evidence to us that makes that affirmation come true. However, If we let our mind operated off the beliefs of others that everything that happens to us, in life, is by randomness and chance, then that is how the events in our life will unfold for us.

When we let the beliefs of others or society dictate what our mind will deliver to us, they are in control of our destiny and we are not.... However, if we seize back control of our mind and only entertain those thoughts that we want to come true for us, then the thoughts we focus our attention on the most WILL come true.


Our MIND is the divinely inspired COMPUTER given to us at the time of our birth by our Creator and we are its MASTER. We are not our MIND, we are the MASTER of our mind. In fact, our mind is the model that computer scientists used to create the physical computer you are using right now.

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