#488 Money Attitudes

If you want money to flow into your life effortlessly, you must create a 'prosperity pipeline' for yourself. You must create ways for the money you want to reach you. In other words , you have to create a pipeline that allows money to flow into your life effortlessly. There are literally thousands of ways you can do this.

One of the ways I do this for myself is I provide people with a way they can send me money in exchange for the information I give them at no charge, like the donation button you see on the left hand side of the page. Another way I create a 'prosperity pipeline' for myself is by providing links to my extraordinarily simple but powerfully effectively self-help program called the 'One Magnificent Thought' ($39.97) and my Spiritual Guide E-manual ($19.97) for people who want to connect to their own spirit guide.

Keep in mind when you are creating your own 'prosperity pipeline' you must do it in a way that feels right for you. Your 'prosperity pipeline' must feel good to you in order for it to work for you.

In addition, in order for your 'pipeline' to be financially successful, you must promote it in ways that bring you as much happiness and personal satisfaction as you can handle.. The rule of thumb I have when promoting my pipeline is if it isn't fun, if it doesn't make me happy, If it doesn't bring a smile to my face and more money in my wallet, I don't do it...

If you would like me to 'brainstorm' with you about how you can create your own 'prosperity pipeline' that's in harmony with your beliefs and values around money, I would be more than happy to spend time on the phone with you. If you are interested in talking with me about a 'prosperity pipeline' or anything else for that matter, here is how it works.

First, leave a donation in the amount of your choosing in exchange for the time I'll spend with you on the phone. After you do that, pick up the phone and call me at 724-537-6840. I takes calls up to 11:00 PM (Eastern Time) Mon-Fri.

The number is a Pittsburgh, PA area phone number. When you call, if I am not in or on the other line and you get my voice mail, leave a message and I'll call you back as soon as I can. I return all calls on a first come, first serve basis. For the record, I am not in the business of selling internet businesses. I am, however, in the business of helping people making their dreams come true. - Frederick Zappone


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