This person wants a hand up, not a hand out...

I received this letter (see below) this evening from a Mrs. Cruz. I am not in a position to help her out financially because I am currently helping out two other families financially If you can help her out financially or know of someone who can help her out, please contact her at If you don't know of someone, please copy this message and pass it on to others that might be able to help her out - Thank you. - Frederick Zappone

Dear Mr. Zappone,

I am a senior citizen who is about to lose my home of twenty eight years. My husband was in a terrible truck accident in 1994.He has been disabled since that time. How did this happened? A fork lift driver on the job for the very first day, with no experience at all, pushed one of the pallets and it hit my husband and knocked him to the pavement below. He crushed his back and one foot and broke his arm. The doctors did the best they could with steel screws and metal pins they also had to take bones from other parts of his body to replace the ones that were crushed. He has never been the same.

I am not able to get a job, because in 1986, I began to show symptoms of a disease called Fibromyalgia this disease is attacking my muscles, tendons and nerves through out my whole body. I am in pain 24/7, all day and night. We are trying to survive on thirteen hundred and fifty dollars a month. Our house payment is almost one thousand dollars a month. We have been using the funds from our savings account to pay most of the bills, every single month.

The problem we are facing now is our savings are almost depleted and we have no one or no where to turn. I had to cancel my health insurance because the insurance went up to seven hundred dollars a month, and I could not pay this amount. I am taking fifteen different medications at this time, and I have to pay for them, myself. Should I have a flair up of my disease, and my body starts attacking my vital organs, I will not be able to go to any hospital or see a doctor.

How can we survive with this low income and the bills seem to be much larger since 1994. I thought these were supposed to be the golden years. We have worked very hard all our lives, and saved as much money as we could,We lived a very simple life, no new cars and expensive jewelry or fancy dinners.I never bought name brand anything. we also invested in two IRA'S that are almost worthless today.We own a 1994 van that needs so many repairs. Our daughter has paid for many of the larger repairs. She can no longer help us, because she has a family of her own, and I think she has done enough. I need a kind hearted person that can help me.I am trying to get a grant from the government to start a real estate business up.

I have been on the computer for months searching for the grant. So far the only thing I have found out, is people are making money selling this information that leads no were. MY brother is a real estate agent, and he is willing to help me find homes that are in poor condition and the price is right. I need capitol to start my business. I need a God send and very soon. Please contact me through my email Address.

Thank you for your time. Every statement I have made is the truth. I can prove to you my story is true. I am looking for a hand up and, not a hand out. Once I sell my first home, I have restored. I will pay bank the money and thank you for Your generosity. I live in the Los Angeles area in the USA. Thank you


G. Cruz

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