Insights for Falling in love with your Negative Emotions.

  1. If you have a persistent or chronic negative feeling trust it, it is trying to teach you a lesson in love.
  2. Today I'm angry. I see this as me being human. However, if I took my anger out on other people that would be me being inhuman
  3. All emotions have spiritual value. It just take a little longer to find the spiritual value in the negative ones
  4. The moment we make any of our negative emotions the enemy, they have power over us.
  5. Sedating our negative feelings rather than understanding them is the cause of drug abuse and prescription drug misuse.
  6. Society has got anger all wrong. An angry person is nothing to fear however misunderstanding why a person is angry is.
  7. To experience anger without feeling guilty about it is real emotional freedom.
  8. Anger is never a problem for people but the denial of anger is.
  9. Anger is not a problem for me because I allow the anger I feel to harmlessly pass me by like clouds in the sky and it does.
  10. There is nothing wrong with any negative emotion you feel except that you resist it and that makes it persist.
  11. If you want to feel worse, deny you are feeling bad when you are. That will make you feel worse..
  12. Anger is never a problem for people but what they do with their anger is.
  13. Being angry may not be politically corrected but at least it is an honest emotion.
  14. Anger is high octane energy in your body looking for a healthy outlet.
  15. Anger is one emotion that has nothing but bad consequences if you deny it long enough.
  16. If you lie to yourself about being angry long enough, you will go postal.
  17. Anger tells you when your sense of justice has been violated.
  18. Anger never killed anyone but the unhealthy expression of anger has.
  19. Being angry is better than being depressed..
  20. Even the smiley face get pissed off some days. This is one of those days.
  21. People who smile all the time are faking it some of the time..
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