Sexual Insights #446 Thru #453

Sexual Insight #446 - Studies show men with a high frequency of orgasms have a 50% reduction in mortality risk.

Sexual Insights #447 - According to the RealAge books, frequent orgasms (about 100 per year) can increase life expectancy by 3-8 years.

Sexual Insight #448 - 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex from Web MD.

Sexual Insight #449 - A half an hour of good sex will do more for the health of your heart than an half an hour of vigorous exercise.

Sexual Insights #450 - The secret to great sex is simple, when you're hot you're hot and when you're not, you're not..

Sexual Insights #451 - Loving someone and have a successful sexual relationship with them are two separate and distinct issues.

Sexual Insight #452 - Often times when a man tells a women he's in love with her what he's really saying is that he is in lust with her.

Sexual Insight #453 - When people talk about sex a lot that means they are not getting any.


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