Put Your 'DREAMS' into the Dream Box.


A dream box is where you write down your dreams on paper and place them in a box like the one above. After that, when you your intuition moves you to do so, pull them out of the box and read them while remembering why you want your dreams to come true and how you will feel when they do. Over time, the dreams in your dream box will come true. That's what dream boxes do, they make dreams come true.


When you trust in the organizing intelligence of the universe, the power behind all things, to make your dreams come true, they will. Your job is to dream your dreams and do what you can do to make them come true. When you do that you set into motion the forces of the universe to work on your behalf to see to it that your dreams become reality for you.

While you are dreaming and doing what you can do to make them come true the organizing intelligence of the universe works behind the scenes of your life orchestrating people, events and circumstances in your favor so your dreams become reality for you, guaranteed.

The first step in making your dreams come true is to make them more real to you by writing them down. You can begin to do that now by posting your dreams in the comment section of this message. You can post your dreams anonymously if you wish..

Post your dreams in the comment section now..... The more you make your dreams public, the more often you share your dreams with others, the better your chances are that someone will come along who is in a position to help make your dream become reality for you.
To get you started I will post a couple of my dreams. Here they are.

To turn the content of this site into a syndicated newspaper or magazine column.
To turn the content of this site into a late night radio talk show.

Now it is your turn to post your dreams in the comment box.



  1. to have a villa of my own that takes cake of itself

    to have a pure breed siamese cat

    to have all that i need

  2. I want to work in the NFL. I want to develop plays with the offense and the Offensive Coordinator to WIN THE SUPERBOWL. And to be the first woman assistant coach. I want to work for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  3. to have my own house and car in the philippines and in USA. to have my own happy family. to have my US VISA approved this year or early next year and be a suucessful nurse in USA and live there happily.

  4. To find a scholarship for my two brothers in Africa to come to study in USA.

  5. To help kids know the Truth of who they really are.
    To sing in a show on stage
    To completely accept the abundance of the universe and receive then let the flow continue with my giving and continued flow of receiving and giving
    To open completely to love/truth and have it radiate

  6. To have a promotion this year and a salary increase as well.
    To buy my dream house and car.
    To be able to go for a vacation in the USA, Europe or anywhere.
    To have abundance everywhere I go.
    To get married to the man of my dreams.

  7. To be able to help provide signifigantly to my daughter's college education.
    To be happier and more successful in work.
    To have a place to put my motorcycles that makes sense.
    To be a better stepdad.
    To be more confident in all areas of life.
    To have more energy, and not waste it.
    To find a clear purpose.
    To be less angry.

  8. I dream of being a "professional" volunteer. I want to volunteer and be able to write about it and make a living off my writing. I dream about being invited as a speaker, contributor, author and presenter at conferences, for magazines, online journals, etc. I dream of working for myself in this way and helping people in all kinds of ways.

  9. To be the smartest person on earth.To have all the powers and psychic abilities.

  10. I want to be able to grant wishes by clapping 3 times.
    To have all the powers.
    To be the best singer in the world.
    To have all the psychic abilities.
    To get a david stone.

  11. I am a very succesfull actress. Everyone respects me and loves my work. I am the topmost amongst all the others actors.
    I have healthy and happy parents.
    I have a bigger car
    I have bought a house of my own
    I am performing Bharatnatyam worldwide.
    I am awarded Padmashree at the age of 33.

  12. I want to meet the man of my dreams before the end of June
    I want my novel to be accepted by a publisher before Halloween
    I want to successfully film a 45-minute sci-fi movie by next summer

  13. I want to get a licensing deal for my two inventions. I want to move to my dream house. I want my husband to retire from his job in the city.