'Spirit' Guide Speaking To YOU.....

This morning, my 'spirit guide' prompted me to share the following information with you. This information is not for everyone for I know many people do not believe in 'spirit guides'. If this information rings true for you deep within your soul, that is your spirit guide giving you confirmation that this information is for you. What you do with this information is up to you. In this matter, I am only the messenger. - Frederick Zappone

Are 'Spirit Guides" Real? You bet they are. They are just as real as the thoughts in your mind. Just because you can't see, taste, touch or feel your thoughts, doesn't make your thoughts any less real to you. The same can be said about 'Spirit Guides,' just because you can't see, taste, touch or feel them doesn't mean they do not exist because they do.

Spirit Guides are just like you and me with a couple of distinctions. They have a body which is invisible to the naked eye. They can appear visible to us if they choose to do so by slowing down the rate they make their bodies vibrate. The lighter and brighter your thoughts are, the easier it will be for you to see spirit guides walking among us. The more dark and somber your thoughts are, the less likely you are to see 'spirit guides' (yours or anyone else's).

Spirit Guides can easily access universal knowledge that we have difficulty accessing. Because spirit guides can easily move through time and space, they don't have the travel limitations you and I have.
Those of us in physical bodies made the choice to lower our vibration so we could come to Earth and play the game of being a spiritual being, being human for awhile. Many of us completely forget we are spiritual beings in a physical body and suffer a great deal because of our forgetfulness.

'Spirit guides
' have distinct personalities like we do and each of us has a spirit guide with a compatible personality, assigned to us. Your guide is ready, at a moment's notice, to give you guidance and advice about such matters as relationships, love, health and money issues.

Your 'Spirit Guide' won't give you advice unless you ask for it because 'Guides' never impose their will on you. If you have a question for your guide, all you have to do is ask the question and the answer will be given to you immediately . Whether you hear and understand the answers that are given to you by your spirit guide depends entirely on the strength of your connection to your guide.

The stronger your connection is, the easier it is for you to hear your guide speaking to you in words you will understand. Contrary to popular opinion, Spirit Guides speak to you in your native tongue. They speak in clear and distinct words or feelings that automatically translate into words you understand. Their answers of guidance and advice appear as whole and complete thoughts that you recognize and understand completely.

To learn more about 'spirit guides' and how to understand more clearly the messages of guidance and advice your spirit guide is sending your way. click here


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