Feeling Good is Everything....

Everything we do, from making love to making money, we do to FEEL GOOD. However, it's not what we do that makes us FEEL GOOD, it's what we think about when we do what we do that makes us FEEL GOOD.

For example, it is not the physical act of sex, alone, that gives us pleasure. It is the thoughts that go along with it that give us pleasure. Such thoughts as being loved, held, comforted, protected, nurtured and nourished along with thoughts of feeling one with another that feel so good. They feel so good because in a 24 hour day we never have enough of those kind of good thoughts that produce such intimate and delicious feelings.
And yet we can feel good all day along if we choose to focus on thoughts that makes us feel good and dismiss from our mind those thoughts that do not.

All thoughts have consequences and the first place
we feel the consequences of our thoughts is in the body.


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