Vibrations ATTRACT

If you are reading this article, it is because you were ATTRACTED to read it.

Your vibrations are a match for my vibrations and by reading this message you have entered into a relationship with me where my sole purpose is to empower you attract to yourself all the good things out of life that you have ever wanted during the year 2010

MORE MONEY.....ask believing and open yourself up to receive it and you will.
LOVE IN ABUNDANCE.....claim it as your own and when you do you will experience it.
ROBUST HEALTH.....is your natural state when you focus on thoughts that make you feel good.

Nothing raises our vibrations faster than when we feel connected to another and nothing lowers our vibrations faster than feeling disconnected from another. The higher your vibrations are the easier it is to attract what you want and the lower your vibrations are, the harder it is to attract what you want.

One of the easiest ways to connect yourself to me is to speak from your heart about what is going on with you in regards to the law of attraction. Is the law of attraction working for you? Are you having problems making the law of attraction work in your life? If you are having problems, what are they? Do you have doubts about the law of attraction? If you do have doubts, what are they? Let me help you make those doubts melt away from you. Are you a skeptic about the law of attraction? Is your skepticism stopping the law of attraction from working for you? Post your questions ( anonymously if you wish) about the law of attraction and I will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

I am here to serve you because 'serving others' creates within me the highest vibration possible. In serving others, I serve myself best. In giving freely of my time, talent and energy to others what I want is freely given back to me. It is how the law of attraction works in my life..

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  1. hi frederick!
    actually i have been having trouble with the law of attraction! i have been attracting misery and frustration AGAIN!!! this all started because of the holidays and i fell into it with others even though i tried to keep a positive attitude and 'stay in the vortex' (which usually i have no problem with!) it didn't work and i found myself saying that everything sucked and on and on and on and of course it did!!! what can i do in moments of dispair?
    of course when i finally realized this i changed my inner dialogue and i told myself that everything is fine, life is easy, life is fun, i'm helpful to others, things are good for me, all is well, and it got better - but i would not like to fall into this pattern of thinking again - because i am influenced by others depression or negativity. how can i keep other people who are feeling depressed and negative from affecting the way i feel? once this starts i have a hard time stopping it. i can carry on for days until i get so worn down by it that i fall into it too! help!!

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  3. I removed my prior post because of typo's. Here is the corrected version.

    Djh, in your comment you said:

    "because i am influenced by others depression or negativity".

    You have a belief that you are influenced by others depression and negativity and because you have that belief (or repeated thought) you are influenced by others depression and negativity? To release the belief and trade it in for the belief that you are not influenced by other people's depression and negativity, ask yourself this question. Are you, in any way, dependent on others not being depressed and negative in order for you to be happy? If you are dependent on others not to be unhappy in order for you to be happy in which ways are you dependent and why?

    I have depressed and negative people in my life but I no longer allow them to influence my happy mood since I realized that it's not my responsibility to make them happy people. When the people around me are depressed or negative, I spend less them around them and more time around people who add to my happiness. Djh, do you feel obligated in any way to spend time around the depressed and negative people in your life? Are you trying to prove something to the negative and depressed people in your life rather than allowing them to be the way they are and spend more time with people who like to be happy like you do?

    P.S. If anyone else reading djh comments feels inspired to post a comment back to her, please do. Shared experienced makes us all stronger in the principles of the law of attraction

  4. Dear djh, thank you so much for your trust and communication about your life, i am sure that i have experienced the same type of negativity over the past few weeks, for me there is ONLY ONE aspect of life that i ALWAYS seem to forget :) it is THANKFULNESS, i have to thank Frederick Zappone for giving me so much hope in my dreams and goals that it REALLY does not matter any more whether my goals become REAL :) i have found a sincere friend in Frederick and we will probably never meet face to face in this human life, that is the most amazing result of thankfulness to me, it is sufficient within itself, so i try to keep ALL my prayers as simple as that, THANK YOU JESUS, or whatever idea one has of ones savior or deity or friend, to be thankful is always the key to set myself free from my prison of negativity and blaming others, which is always so easy to do :) however it is even easier to set myself free, once my mind becomes clear :)

  5. oh i forgot to say :) today is my 71st birthday

  6. well i wish mostly that my health, was better but guess as i suffer from atheritis, it just get worse rather than better, also i wish i could lose some waight cos no matter how hard i try it just not having any, cos i know if i could lose waight atheritis wont go away but i know it will help. and wouldnt say no to lady luck visiting me once in a while, so my wealth may in prove for the better thanks fredrick may 2010 be agoodone for you

  7. Cazandra, do you believe you can achieve fully restored health and lose weight effortlessly?

    Cazandra, If you keep reading this blog and keep asking me as many questions as you have to ask about using the law of attraction to achieve fully restored health, you will BELIEVE.... and once you believe, you will achieve fully restored health and the body shape you want with effortless ease.

  8. Thank you, Mr. Zappone.

    Happy Birthday, Anthony!

    Cazandra - what a beautiful name! Have faith. You will be free!

  9. I so believe in the law of attraction. I understand you need to remove doubt for the LOA to be effective. It has been a gradual awakening but it's here. The challenge I am having is when it comes to my spouse and his manor of speech. It irritates me when I hear him speak negatively..ex " I will probably be an old retired man before I can have what I want" (that one is some what positive I know) or "I'll never get ahead" and meanwhile I'm focusing on my thoughts and language being of a positive nature around my desires, (meaning I don't deny what I see before me but I don't prophesize doom for my future). While he is in this state of mind it makes me fearful, I feel as if his speech and feelings are counteracting with mine because some of my thoughts and desires include him. When I speak with him about this he says words are words and that they have no power. I explained that words with feelings and beliefs are powerful and that he should observe his life more closely. That usually causes a heated argument. I wish to manifest my desires for myself which in turn is for my family but sometimes I feel he is holding me back. How do I rise above this? Can I? Is it possible to manifest my hearts desires when my other half doesn't believe? Please advise. Thank you. I love the support you offer, you are a Godsend


  10. Marcia, it sounds like you have a power struggle going on with your husband as to whose thoughts are the strongest, your positive thoughts or his negative thoughts? Is that true?

    What your husband thinks and says has no power over the effectiveness of your own thoughts unless you believe otherwise, do you?

    Marcia, you have desires that include your husband but if he doesn't share those desires, you can't force him to desire for himself what you desire for him...Is that a problem for you and if it is, why is it?

    Keep in mind, blaming your husband is a ALERT SIGNAL that you have or are giving your power away to him. This conversation I am having with you on my blog is about you taking back any power you have unwittingly given away to your husband over the years..

    Your husband doesn't have to believe in the law of attraction like you do in order for you to attract into your life the good things you want for your family and your husband including the good desires you have for your husband as long as he is not opposed to them.

  11. Dear Marcia,

    It sounds to me like you are having a hard time accepting your husband as he is. Since what you resist persists I would recommmend you let these annoyances pass you by like a cloud in the sky and you will be free. You are attracting these negative comments from your husband through your non acceptance of him as he is.


  12. Thank you for your precise insight.

    Yes, I have to admit there has been a power struggle,probably more on my side.

    I did, but thanks to you I no longer beleive what my husband thinks and says has ANY effect on my thoughts.

    When I speak of my desires and what I plan to manifest, he expresses interest in the outcome, but adds "if it happens", I politely add "when". I want to SHARE my life with him and he share his with me, not control his dreams.

    I take my power back TODAY. I realize he did not ask for it. I now realize we can co-exist with our individual beliefs.

    Thank you

  13. Thank you Leslie...I will definitely use your method.


  14. Hey Zappone,it's Lorraine..Powerpink how are you? Life is what it is, I am thinking positive thoughts and Blessings are on the way.If you think of only the positive in the situation,positive things will happen.I made my video about the fire and thinking only that I can help others by making them aware of what can happen.Everything happens for a reason,yes,but my story can help others..what happened to you on Twitter? I am on Facebook too!..Powerpink Blessings..Lorraine C. Van Ryckeghem..Powerpink

  15. Hi Lorraine,

    I am still twittering, only not as much. Spending most of my time blogging and taking care of family matters. Have a most powerful, blessed and prosperous New Year!


  16. thanks all! and marcia - i just realized that i was doing the same thing as you! my boyfriend also has very negative thoughts and even though i try and steer him towards more positive thoughts and a more positive way of speaking - he often says things like: i will never have anything, or everything is always hard for me!

    of course knowing what i 'know' this makes me fearful and i immediately try and get him to pivot his thoughts and tell him: you know what you don't want... LOL and yes, then he gets mad and tells me i am crazy and that the only way he can get ahead, make money, be happy, etc. is to work his ass off and on and on... LOL

    and this of course just makes me more desperate to change his thoughs and of course i can't ... because then he gets resentful and when he sees me happy and joyful and positive he reacts instead by being the opposite! maybe even just to spite me!!! and to show me that all is NOT well, that everything sucks!!!

    and frederick i do live with this person! and we share a life and most of the time i do manage to believe that his thoughts are his problem and not mine - but when this goes on and on and it is the holidays and i was hoping to spend some quality time with him and instead he is depressed and moping - i also fall into depression.

    but you are right - i should just ignore him when he is like this and go and be with others of a more positive attitude - and i have done this and it helped and it also helped him for me to leave him alone when he is like this.

    so i realize (thanks!) that i am going about this the wrong way - and if i just take care of my own self and my own thoughts and i have been, that things are wonderful for me and i get what i need and want anyway!

    happy holidays everyone!

  17. one more thing!
    as of right now i am giving up the belief that others depression or negativity affects me!!!

    also i am feeling thankful, and appreciative of everything i have and those i love. and i am feeling love.

    happy birthday anthony! :)

  18. In the law of attraction, you will attract that which you desire in your life, yes? I was attracting a soulmate, without asking for any particular person, although, I loved one. A man came into my life so suddenly and effortlessly. He is the one who I had been looking for, but why until now, I'm not that happy, knowing that I have attracted what I wanted. I still feel inside my heart that I am expecting the one who I loved. Am I feeling wrong about the whole thing? I know my mind is so powerful, but I am getting off track in my thinking as well. Help, what can I do?

  19. Anonymous, You attracted what you wanted but now you don't want it. So choose again and attract what you really do want. Keep in mind, you can't force the man you love, to love you. However, you can attract a man you love, who loves you.

  20. Thank you so much. Can you tell me what to do when my mind wanders or i feel unhappy? I mean, how to train the thought to be always thinking positively and thus sticking at the right vibrations...

  21. When your mind wanders, allow it to wander. If you resist it wandering, it will wonder even more. If you feel unhappy, use that as an ALERT SIGNAL only. Use it as an alert signal to SHIFT your thinking away from thoughts that are making you feel bad to ones that make you feel good. Don't dwell on why you are unhappy because that will only attract an endless list of reasons why you are unhappy and you will become more unhappier than you are.

    Bad feelings are ALWAYS an ALERT SIGNAL or a WAKE UP CALL TO shift your thoughts to ones that make you feel good. If you make your bad feelings mean anything more than that, your thoughts that are creating your bad feeling will take you further and further away from the things you DO WANT...

    Play more, worry less...

  22. Dear Frederick, djh, anonymous friends and all, thank you so much for your kind birthday wishes, yes i also have a good friend all our lives we were apart, except our childhood and our old age :) he has had a stroke and recovered well, but he cannot do anything except NOT believe in my dreams and goals, AND I LOVE THAT :) i told him I NEED YOU to DISBELIEVE, so i can say I TOLD YOU SO when my dreams come true :) we see each other maybe once a month and we have many laughs together with our old friends, even though we are old and dying, we love each other in our own silly way by BEING NEGATIVE :) i use MY OWN negativity as a source of humor as my TED profile shows, click my name and be sure to LAUGH at my silly comments there :)

  23. Hi Frederick,
    Last night my bf got upset with me again, because while we were eating at a restaurant, some men were standing near and while i was yawning and teeling him I'm sleepy, he told me in an accusing manner again that he knows me and that I looked with the men. He is always like this and I told him that I don't care about this men as I don't know them He asked, why am I looking at people? My God, this is normal as I have eyes and I cannot close them. I mean, there is nothing to it. I am with him and I don't have malicious intentions to anybody ever.My eyes are also normal, not trying to attract anybody, because I know my bf, so I'm always careful when I'm with him, as he is always jealous. after that he went walking ahead of me making me feel bad not wanting to feel bad, but it did until this morning, when my friends told me that they saw him talking to another lady outside the building. This lady likes him and I told him not to talk to her also or avoid him. He didn't call me until now, which is why I am feeling bad. Is this just jealousy, distrust or is my mind only being negative? Can you tell me, what should be done about this. i know the law of attraction and as much as I try to avoid bad thoughts by acknowledging it, I still feel uneasy inside. enlighten me pls? sorry, if This question is quiet personal. Thanks!

  24. You feel uneasy inside because you are holding yourself back and not going in the direction you want to go in. You are allowing his jealousy to shut you down and control your behavior when you deserve better than that.

    Love is allowing the person you love to be unlike yourself. If you both are jealous of the other having women or men friend's, there is a good chance that this relationship is not the relationship for you. Any truth to that?

    I would encourage other people reading the lady's question about her relationship for you to jump in and share your opinion, insights and experiences in such a situtation.

  25. Dear Frederick and friends, i am watching Wayne Dyer saying that he has not had any alcohol for over 20 years !! Wayne is talking about ONE STEP AT A TIME, what a beautiful concept :) at age 71 my eyes have BLINKED HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of times :) one blink at a time :) as a runner, 30 years ago, i had a young female friend who had been blind since birth, she never saw anything except what she described as three shades of light, when i asked her what colors she saw, that question changed my life forever, can anyone know a color red, if one has never seen anything, NO !! there are some questions which can NEVER be answered as asked, but there is ALWAYS an answer, just NOT the one we thought we would get by asking :)