9 Monday Morning Inspirational One Liners

  • FOCUSING on things that make you happy keeps you happy.
  • If a thought feels good to you, it is the right thought for you, otherwise, it is not about
  • What we call obstacles or roadblocks are thoughts in our mind we have given our power away too.
  • Feeling good attracts good things to you. The opposite is also true.
  • How you feel determines what you attract.
  • Taking action when it doesn't feel right to you results in failure....
  • Fighting negative feelings keeps you stuck feeling those negative feelings over and over again.
  • Allow the negative feelings you do not like to harmlessly pass you by and they will.
  • FOCUSING on good thoughts that produce good feelings dissolve negative feelings.


  1. I wish to be a millionnaire with an independent house of mine and able to help the people in need.

  2. I am happy to receive all the positive energy the universe provides me