Heal Yourself - Talk to the Cells of Your Body

Believing in disease empowers you to create it for yourself. Believing in disease gives disease power over you. Believing what other people (including the professionals) say about disease gives their beliefs about disease power  over your beliefs about disease.

Science has proven that our brain translates every thought we think into a chemical equivalent and then delivers those chemicals (for better or worse) to the cells of our body by way of a messenger molecule.

This scientific discovery of how the brain translates our thoughts into chemical equivalents (drugs)  along with the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton, about the power of beliefs, is showing people that healing oneself of a major disease, without medical intervention, is possible. 

Each cell that makes up the body is individual unit of intelligence and is influenced, in both positive and negative ways, by the thoughts we focus our attention on the most.  As a reference point,  the scientific work of Dr. Bruce Lipton is worth checking out. In particular, his book titled: The Biology of Belief.

I can tell you from personal experience if you look at each cell of your body as if it was an individual person and treat those cells with an attitude of reverence and respect that they deserve, your body will heal itself naturally regardless of what ails it. 

Most times you won't have to change your diet, exercise or take supplements unless the intelligence within the cells of your body creates a 'craving' or 'desire' in your body to make such changes. 

In most cases, if you treat your cells with the respect they deserve, they will immediately begin the healing process of whatever ails you.  Treating the cells of your body as if they have 'no intelligence' causes your body to get sick. By the same token, treating your cells with the reverence and respect they deserve will make you well.

When some part of my body is not feeling well and I do not know what to do to make it well, I apologize to my cells. I apologize to them for not knowing what to do to make them well.  

When I apologize to the cells of my body that feel sick,  I am admitting that I have no control over what the individual cells of body are doing. In giving up trying to control the cells of my body,  my cells regain control over themselves. Once than happens they are able to begin the process of healing themselves naturally. 

Remember, every cell of your body has the desire to be as healthy as you want to be. And they will be healthy as you want them to be  if you treat them with reverence and respect  they deserve.......  and if you understand that each of your cells is an 'intelligent unit' in its own right and has the ability to respond to your most honest and loving thoughts.

Understanding how the cells of your body talk to you and what they are telling you can increase your levels of health and energy dramatically and make unwanted pain disappear from your life completely. 

Do you talk to your Body?
Do you trust your body?
Do you hate your body?
Are you afraid of your body?
Are you at war with your body?
Are you in love with your body?
Do you feel your body is working against you?
Do you, somehow, see your body as your enemy?
Do you feel healing your body is outside your control?

I have had great success is healing my body (without doctors or medicine) by talking to it in loving way. Many people, over the years have thought me to be WEIRD for believing love solves all. The truth is, love has solved all for me from bad relationships to an empty pocketbook to poor health. When I have any kind of problem in life I immediately turn to love to solve the problem for me. I even wrote about how I do it in my 21 Day Self-Love Journey.  To read more, click here:


  1. The easiest and yet most profound thing to do for your health and wellbeing.
    Don't let the simplicity fool you.

  2. Farid Shublaq- KuwaitMarch 19, 2015 5:14 PM

    Highly pleased to read the above fruitful knowledge to enjoy life with age of eighty years now , wish to enjoy more years with good health. Thanks . Farid Shublaq - Kuwait