Inspirational Thoughts, 16 in All

Inspirational Quotations copyrighted 2010 By Frederick Zappone 

1. High self-esteem begins when your good opinion of yourself is more important to you than any negative opinions other people have of you.

2. The more you love yourself, the easier life will be for you. The opposite is also true.

3. Focusing on what you don't want causes what you don't want to stick to you like super glue.

4. Happiness is achieved by focusing on what you do want and leaving what you don't want alone.

5. People criticize or belittle you as a way to control your thinking or behavior and for no other reason.

6. All thoughts have consequences and the first place we feel the consequences of thought is in the body.

7. Thoughts cause feelings. Don't like what you feel, change your thoughts.

8. Thinking you are a victim keeps you stuck being a victim.
Instead think victorious and you will be.

9.Feelings are the first physical evidence that something (good or bad) is coming true for you.

10.Your greatness can be found when you think great thoughts.

11. All violence begins with a single violent thought.

12. Thoughts strengthen you. Thoughts weaken you. You choose.

13. Your power is found by living 'fully present' in the moment.

14. Thoughts are more powerful than the ATOMIC BOMB because it was thought that created the atomic bomb in the first place.

15. Life can be very easy for you depending on the thoughts you choose to think about the most.

16. Believe the best about yourself and when you do, what you believe about yourself will come true. It's how the law of attraction works.

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