Somehow, Someway (A law of attraction Story)

My favorite law of attraction thought is 'SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY'. Every time I have something that concerns me
  that I don't personally want to deal with, I say the following words

Somehow, someway the 'organizing Intelligence of the 

universe' will solve this problem (issue, concern, worry) for me...
AND IT DOES..... every single time without fail...

Why do those words work for me every single time without fail??  First,  I have absolute belief in those words. In other words, I believe in those words without doubt. In addition,  I have the knowledge, along with the life experiences to back it up, regarding exactly how the law of attraction works to produce the results I want out of life... This method has worked for me concerning money, health, love and relationships issues and it can work for you too.

Excerpted from the One Magnificent Thought Program (OMT) 

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