Why I stopped criticizing people.

I used to criticize people all the time.

I felt extremely justified in criticizing others because I deeply believed criticizing others would change things for the better.

I began to notice the more I criticized other people, the more critical I became of myself.

Finally I noticed that criticizing others made me feel more negative about life and other people  than when I didn't criticize people.

Over time I realized that criticizing others changed nothing. In fact, the only thing criticizing others did was make those who I criticized defensive and less open to change. In addition, criticizing others  made me start feeling  very  bitter and cynical about life  UNTIL.... Until I quit finding the bad in people and started looking for the good.

Once I started praising and complimenting people for the good I saw in them, my compliments and praised changed everything for the better, not only in my own life but in the lives of the people I complimented and praised. And that is why I no longer criticize others.

Happy Thanksgiving To One and All, 

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life


Personal Power

It is not your job to worry about what you want. Your job
is to use your personal power to create what you want

The Miracle of Change


When you resist nothing and allow everything, things change for the better naturally.


Feels REAL..

Whatever feels most real to you, you keep attracting to yourself. Don't like what feels real to you? A change of thoughts will result in a change of what feels real to you.



You Think the Thoughts, Life Responds

Living from thoughts of fear will result in you attracting into your life the things you fear. However, if you live your life coming from faith that life will reward you with nothing but the best, it will.  That is how the law of attraction works.


The Gift

This is truly an outstanding Christmas album by Susan Boyle.
I hadn't heard her sing since Britian Got Talent Show. Her
voice is even richer and softer than before. An amazing voice.
Very inspirational. Click album cover to listen to samples.

The GiftThe Gift