Going Against Yourself

When you do anything that goes against what intuitively know (or sense) is right for you, that action on your part will always result in failure. For example, if you believe you have to take a particular set of actions to succeed but those actions don't feel right to you, then those are the wrong actions for you and will, more often than not, result in failure for you. Here is a personal example. 

After attempting to market my Inspirational Thoughts blog in a variety of different ways with no lasting success, continuing to marketing my blog in ways that didn't feel good to me went against my intuitive knowledge that marketing my blog like everyone markets their blog was wrong for me.

When you go against what you intuitively know will work for you, success will elude you every single time. You might believe you have to do 'this or that' to succeed but if you try what you believe once and it doesn't work you, then discard that belief as a belief that isn't right for you.

Trust your 'inner knowledge, knowledge that feels good to you,  more than what you believe, If there is a conflict between what you believe and what you intuitively know or sense is right for you, trust your inner knowledge, first and foremost.  This trust in your 'inner knowledge will bring you the success you want faster than you can imagine for yourself today.

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