Getting RICH in a Bad Economy (My Story)

The dictionary defines the word 'ECONOMY' as the management of a household or state. That's being said, if you are managing your household well, you can prosper, abundantly so, while your friends and family are not. When you hear the words 'bad economy' all that means is that the money in the 'free enterprise system' is moving, in massive quantities, from one group of people to another group. 

Of course, in the beginning you don't see this because it is happening behind the scenes. However once the government announces we have a bad economy, that is exactly what they are saying


When the government tells you we have a bad economy, they  are telling you money is moving away (as an example) from car manufacturers and is moving to high tech firms. So while car manufacturers have lost billions, companies like Apple, Google, Dell. You Tube, Facebook and Twitter are making billions... The money is moving away from old fashion businesses to new high tech businesses. This is one small example.

If the work you did, in the past, that allowed you to prosper is no longer allowing you to prosper in the present, it is time to find work that will.

I have prospered all my life because when the economy changed, I changed. I've always followed the flow of money and then got involved with people and businesses where the money was flowing abundantly.

THE NEW ECONOMY: Working from Home

Money is flowing from the 'BRICKS AND MORTAR' world to the INTERNET world.


If you know how to do it, making money on the internet is easier to do than any kind of work you do in your 9-5 job. The advantages of making money on the Internet are many including not spending money on gasoline to get to and from work. In addition, when you work from home, you set you own hours and work at your own pace making as much money as you want while relaxing more and taking more mini-vacations than you can ever take working at a job..

Working at home yourself, Imagine what it would be like. No boss to hassle you, no co-workers to irritate you. No long commutes. Less stress, a happier you.  The question is how do you get started making money in the NEW ECONOMY on the Internet. 

The answer is simple, start by visiting Home Online Jobs and find the online job that is right for you. A job that is in harmony with your beliefs and values about making money and pays you well.

Some of the current 'work from home jobs' are paying upwards of $85.00 an hour. What would you do if you were working from home and making more money from home than you do in your 9-5 job?

I know what I'd do because I am doing it. I gave up my day job in 1998 and haven't looked back since.  I am spending more time with my kids and grand-kids and take cruises to Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and the Dominican Republic to name just a few.  And when I am not doing that  I am taking road trips to Texas, California and places in between.

I can do this because I work online. And if I want to make more money while I am traveling or on vacation. I just take my computer with me because working online doing what I love doing is like being on vacation full-time.  You can't have that kind of freedom with a  9-5 job. 

Today, the jobs available online that you can do from home have grown by leaps and bounds.  Why continue to be a slave to a 9-5 job when there is an better way. One the best online sites for finding work you will love doing from home is Home Online Jobs. 

To visit there website, click here


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