I don't trust, don't trust, don't trust

Question: I have a real issue with trust. When it comes to making more money and becoming financially independent, I don't trust anyone to help me. In addition, I don't trust myself, God, the universe or the law of attraction to provide me with the answers I seek on how to make more money or guide me to more money.... As much as I want to trust I don't trust. 

Answer: That's great news, At least you are not in denial that you don't trust. People who pretend they trust when they really don't never get beyond not trusting. The first step in your ability to trust the BIG THINGS in life (God, yourself, other people) begins with never lying to yourself when you don't trust whatever it is you are not trusting in the moment.

Keep telling your truth about what you don't trust. Do it without resisting the fact (or making yourself wrong) that you don't trust and that phase of your life will be over sooner than you can imagine.

After that phase is over, you will naturally begin to have supreme confidence in God, yourself, the universe, and/or the law of the attraction to guide you to as much money as you want or bring it to you.

As long as you make yourself wrong for not trusting, whatever you resist will persist. Accepting in the moment, and for as long as it lasts, that you don't trust will set you free to trust in the future.

I would suggest instead of focusing on what you don't trust, focus on what you do trust because whatever you focus your attention on you will attract more of the same. The more you focus on what you do trust, the more things you will be able to trust in the future. It is how the law of attraction works.

To get you started making a list of things you trust, I will share with you a few of the things I trusted before I was able to trust myself, God, the universe and the law of attraction with 100% confidence.

I trusted people would stop at red lights.
I trusted people wouldn't walk out in front of me.
I trusted when I walked across the street, cars wouldn't hit me.
I trusted the food I bought in stores was safe for me to eat.
I trusted my dog to always love me and be loyal to me.
I trusted I would wake up the next day.
I trusted when I got sick I would get better.
I trusted the sun would rise and set every day.

I could go on and on about the things I trusted before I was able to fully trust myself, the God of my understanding, the universe and the law of attraction but I think you get the idea.

The more you focus on what you DO TRUST the more things you will attract to yourself that you can trust until you reach the point, naturally, where you are able to trust the most important things with supreme confidence.

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