Thoughts CURING Disease

I read everything I can about what cures disease. The one thing I find amazing is how little research is being done in regards  to the ability of our thoughts to cure disease.

We treat cancer as if it had little to do with our thoughts and yet the people who achieved fully restored health from cancer, when all else failed them, did it with their thoughts.

Some will say they did it with prayer but prayer is nothing more than well formed thoughts deeply believed. If one person can cure themselves of a terminal illness with their thoughts, why not everyone?

After 30 years of study concerning the ability of our thoughts to cure disease , it makes completes sense to me that our thoughts are powerful enough to cure any disease we have. In regards to my own health, I haven't been treated by a doctor for an illness in over 40 years except on one occasion. 

The only reason that exception happened is I needed some medicine to use as a 'band-aid' until I had the time to figure out how my thoughts could cure my health problem. Once I figured it out, I changed my thoughts so I could become the master of my disease rather than the victim of it, and I did.

All thoughts have consequences and the first place we
feel the consequences of our thoughts is in the body

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  1. This is in response to a comment I received regarding this article.

    I do not condemn the ill as inadequate, only not fully informed of all the possible ways they can achieve fully restored health. As far as wishful thinking goes, let's put my thinking in the same category as the wishful thinkers from the past. Wishful thinkers such as the Wright Brothers, Christopher Columbus, Dr. Roger Bannister and Dr. Salk to name a few. From wishful thinking comes our new and improved reality. If you are interested in the relationship between thoughts and disease, check out the book titled: The Biology of Belief by Doctor Bruce Lipton.