Why I'd Rather Take Care Of An Old DOG Than An Old Person


I have taken care of old people and old dogs and I must admit taking care of an old dog is more satisfying and rewarding than any experience I have ever had taking care of old people. 

I took care of my old dog Red and until the very end of his life  all he wanted to do was love me.  He was always grateful for any kindness I extended to him and never bitched if I didn't pay him enough attention. 

Up to his dying breath Red wagged his tail and let me know how much he loved me.  On the other hand, the old people I have taken care of have been the most critical, controlling, ungrateful people I have ever met.  Always complaining, always demanding, never taking the time to say thank you or express gratitude for any unexpected kindness extended to them.

The blessing in all of this is that the critical and ungrateful old people have shown me how painful their ungrateful and critical behavior is to their adult children. 

This experience has taught me that when I become an old person, I am going to become the most loving and grateful old person I can become. I don't want my children to be filled with angry and bitterness, when I die, like I've seen in the eyes of  adult children whose parents have passed away. 

I am going to become like my old dog Red, loving my children unconditionally and being grateful to them until the very end...

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  1. and dogs young and old have a very good attitude! kind of like yay!!! i'm alive :)