Woman Wins $112,000,000 using the law of attraction

This is a inspiring story about how one person consciously used the law of attraction to win $112,000,000. What is most amazing is she shares in detail exactly how she did it. If you need more evidence than you have that the law of attraction works, this should convince you once and for all,
In May 2007, Cynthia Stafford won $112 million playing Lotto, but what is most amazing is that she'd been planning the big win for a while and even had a written strategy.

As a firm believer in the power of
visualization and meditation techniques, Stafford had been envisioning that she'd win $112 million. She had been visualizing this goal for four months.

"I had been planning ahead by looking at the house I was going to move into, the cars I was going to drive and the charities I was going to donate to," Stafford told AOL News. "I wrote everything down, like a businessman writes a business plan, and I'd look at the list and focus on it."

Stafford first became interested in the idea of visualization around 2002.

"Growing up, I was always reading," she said. "I love books that deal with the mind and utilizing the mind. I wanted to see what I could do to connect with the parts that are utilized."

Of course, thinking about winning oodles and oodles of money is something everyone does, but Stafford believes the key to her big win was that she had a plan for what to do after the win. 

This story was excerpted from AOL News. 

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