Why dreams do and do not come true..

When you let go of what you want, you get what you want and not before.You see, when you are holding on to what you want, your want cannot make the transition from your mind into your physical reality. In others words, your want cannot manifest itself physically as long as you are holding onto it mentally.. It is just the way creation works, from inner to outer.

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Understanding the Illusion of Lack and Scarcity

It took me a long time to figure out a happy life is based on my ability to give endlessly (what I can and love to give) without expectations of anything in return. There is something about giving that heals the body and mind and makes you stronger. Of course to do that, you have to get past the idea that the lack and scarcity of anything is real. The illusion of lack and scarcity is real but lack and scarcity itself isn't real. Lack and scarcity are ideas 'men in power' want you to believe in so they can control your body and mind.


Deb 'Speaks From the Heart' About Her Book: DARE TO DREAM

Frederick: Deb, why are you so passionate about the book you wrote? 

Deb: A women who read my book is now telling all the coaches she mentors that my book is a must buy and part of their curriculum. Other people who have read my book  are now inspired to start creating their own dreams and now know how from reading my book. 

I also have amazing 'transformational leaders' who have reviewed and LOVED the book. It is changing lives. "DARE TO DREAM: This Life Counts" has received 5-star reviews and will be live to be ordered through Amazon by Tuesday 11/22. (It's already an Amazon e-book, and soon to be Kindle, iTunes, and iBook).
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POLL- Do you believe God Stops you from having things.


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Something you should know about FEELING the way you do..

We all feel the same doubts, fears and insecurities about love, money and health issues. Even the best people feel the same things we feel. The problem is we pretend with each other that we don't feel those things which makes each of us think there is something wrong with us for feeling the way we do. Feeling the way we do is never the problem, the problem is thinking there is something wrong with us for feeling the way we do, that is the real problem.- For more wisdom and life insights visit Zpoop.Com 

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