Tithing not working for you? Find out why.

Tithing only works if you are doing it the right way. Do it 
the wrong way and all tithing will do for you is make you poorer

Giving money to others is one of the most joyful experience of my life. It wasn't always that way for me.

Giving money for most people is not a joyful experience at all. Why? Because the kind of giving most people know is based on duty, obligation, guilt or shame..

Many different organizations use duty, obligation, guilt and shame as a way to get you to part with your money. If you are like most people I know, you will give something to these organizations to get away from that 'bad feeling.' However, after a while, you will numb yourself, close yourself off to giving money when feelings of guilt, duty, obligation or shame are present.

As a result of closing yourself off to the idea of giving money to others, you will begin to experience lack, scarcity and financial limitations in your own life. That's what happened to me. I was guilt-ed so often in regards to giving money to various people and organizations that the door to my heart, in regards to giving money to others, closed, shut tight.

From that point on until I learned how to 'freely give' money to others, on my terms, I experienced ever increasing feelings of lack, scarcity and limitations around money in my own life.

However, that all changed when I realized I could experience the 'joyful benefits' of giving when I gave on my terms. My terms are simple. I don't give money to anyone, ever, if I feel one shred of duty, obligation, guilt or shame attached to my giving.

Giving money to others has to FEEL GOOD to me and if it doesn't feel good, I don't give.. Listed below are the 7 benefits I receive when I give money to others because it feels good for me to do.


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