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When I feel negative, I don't resist or fight with those feelings. If I did, they would get stronger and gain more power over me.   The way I dissolve negative feelings quickly is to feel what I feel INTENSELY

In others words, I really get into feeling the negatives. I do this without thinking about them, I just feel them.  When I first start intensely feeling what I feel, my negative feelings briefly intensify. However, by sticking with it, by feeling my negative feelings intensely, in a very short period of time they go POOF like magic. It works for me every single time. And once the negative feeling is dissolved, it is a 'no brainer' for me to focus on feelings that feel good to me and attract good things to me.. 


I have worked with hundreds of people using the 'BURN OFF' method and it has never failed once. The key is feeling what you feel INTENSELY (without thinking about it) until the negative feeling begin loosening its grip on you. You can do this 'intense feeling exercise' anywhere, anytime, except when operating machinery or driving a car. 


I hate to be crude here but when 'burning off' negative feelings, use the same kind of intensity you use when constipated and you are pushing the stuff out. Or the intensity you use when you are lifting weights to the next level. Or watch a Baby when it's into intensely releasing gas from its body and mimic that intensity. Or mimic the intensity the GREEN HULK uses when he transforms from a man to a superman. Most times you don't have to be that extreme in intensity but sometimes you do. I hope these graphic examples paint a better picture of the kind of intensity I am talking about.

Sometimes you will be tempted to back off 'feeling intensely what you feel' out of fear that the negative feeling you are feeling has the power to kill you. I don't know of any known case of people dying from feeling intensely what they feel. However, I know cases of people dying from resisting negative feelings. Why, because the more you resist negative feelings, the more power you give them to do you harm.

If you have any questions about the 'burn off' method I use, ask them and I will do my best to answer them to your complete satisfaction.  Since I discovered the burn off method I spend a lot less time feeling negative and whole lot more time feeling positive with no effort at all..

The beautiful things about burning off negatives feelings without thinking about them is that you are not feeding the negative feelings any more fuel that makes them stronger and more powerful than they already are. When you focus on 'intensely' feeling what you feel, without thinking about it, you STARVE the negative feelings to death.

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