Freddie and the Football Jersey


I was 45 when I was given the nickname Fast Freddie. A friend of mine, Carl Frederick (author of EST: Playing the Game of Life The New Way) is the first person who called me that. He even bought me a red NFL type football shirt with the name 'Fast Freddie' printed across the shoulders.  

To this day I have no idea why he started calling me that but he did me one of the biggest favors of my life

For some reason I cannot explain, every time I wore that shirt, attractive women would stop me on the street, giggle, and asked me: 'How fast are you'?  I always responded with; 'how fast do you want me to be'.... they would laugh some more and a conversation would start up,  90% of the time the conversation resulted in me having a date that night. 

I am not sure what prompted Carl to call me Fast Freddie but even back then, in my forties, friends who knew me knew I was 'fast to forgive and forget' when people did me wrong. In that way, the name Fast Freddie real does apply to me. I know when Project Forgive (the documentary film project) showed on up my radar screen I moved fast in becoming one of Project Forgive's first and most passionate supporters. I believe you will become a passionate support of Project Forgive too after watching this inspiring video about the project.

To watch one of the most inspiring videos you will ever watch on the subject of forgiveness, Click Here. This video will move many of you to tears, including tears of relief, joy and happiness. It did me.

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