Teach 'Forgiveness' in Your Business or School

Forgiveness is not a religious thing, it is a human thing and it saves lives. Forgiveness restores harmony and make life flow effortlessly. If you are interested in teaching 'Forgiveness' in your school, church, business or organization, contact me. I will provide you with course information. 

For the present time, the teaching tools and course information are being offered to qualified teachers, ministers and business leaders free of charge in exchange for a donation in the amount of your choosing. For more information about the Forgiveness Course write me, by clicking here. Tell me a little bit about yourself and why you want to implement the 'Forgiveness Course' in your business, school, group, organization or church.- Frederick Zappone, Author of the Feeling Good, No Matter What, Newsletter.

To Watch an Inspirational Video About FORGIVENESS, Click Here

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  1. I realized recently that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself...