Observation Changes REALITY (Short Article Explains All)

OBSERVATION CHANGES REALITY....   There is pure observation and there is directed observation.  In other words, observation coming from a particular point of view.  For example, you observe yourself and your situation with the point of view that you cannot change it. As a result, you will consistently and continuously observe evidence that what you believe is true, that you cannot change your situation.  HOWEVER, if you change your point of view to: 'I can change it' and you have no interfering thoughts that stop you from believing that you can change it (whatever it is for you), you will notice and observe evidence on a consistent and continuous basis that you can indeed change what formerly was an impossibility for you to change..

What I just shared with you is in line with the following quote from Wayne Dyer:  'When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change'

Any questions?

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  1. AUTHOR NOTE: The best way to solve a problem that up till now has been impossible for you to solve, is to write out your observations about it.... until the situation changes. In other words, take a step back and become the reporter (observer) of your situation, reporting to yourself all the thoughts and feelings you have about your situation. Guaranteed if you write out what you observe about your situation, in detail, and continue writing until all the negative emotional charge is gone from your situation, your situation will change...