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Joe had plenty of faith, only his faith was misplaced. He had faith in less while his best friend had faith in more. As a result, life rewarded Joe with less while rewarding his best friend with more.

If the news about the economy scares you, it simply means you mentally (without thought) went into agreement with that group of people who believes more in lack and scarcity than they do in abundance and prosperity.

The dictionary defines the word economy as the management of a household or state… If you are managing your own household well you will have a good economy in spite of the people around you having a bad economy. 

When you hear the words ‘bad economy’ that means the money in the free enterprise system is moving in a different direction.. It’s moving away from one set of people and businesses to another set of people and businesses. When this happens, it creates lack and scarcity for one group of people and businesses and prosperity and abundance for another group of people and businesses

If the work you did that allowed you to prosper in the past is no longer allowing you to prosper in the present, it is time to find work that will. I have prospered all my life because when the economy changed, I changed. I always followed the flow of money and then got involved with people and businesses where the money was flowing abundantly.


Every time you 'react' then act on that 'reaction' that is an ALERT signal telling you that 'fear' is running your life...  All fear is good for is making a bad situation worse and creating more fear in your life until, in worst case situations,  you become afraid of everyone and everything. The worst thing about fear is that it makes you afraid of yourself, of your own thoughts and feelings. It makes you doubt and distrust yourself.

Realizing what fear had done to me, I made it my intention to dissolve the fear thoughts that entered my mind rather than giving them the power to harm me in any way.  I did just that, and from my experience of turning bad feelings into good ones, my Feeling Good, No Matter What, Newsletter was born.

Did you know that the thoughts you think that make you feel bad are not your thoughts at all but thoughts created by other people (such as parents, friends, teachers, ministers, the news media, etc.) to manipulate, dominate and control your thinking and behavior.  People, in position of power and authority, know that if they can make you believe in the negative things they tell you, they control you because they know fear is a powerful motivator and the easiest way to keep people in line.
My Feeling Good, No matter What, Newsletter is for people tired of reading negative news that put people into a bad mood. My newsletter is for people who want to thrive and prosper in all areas of their life rather than feeling worried or anxious about what is going to happen to them.

The Feeling Good newsletter is for people who want to feed their minds with thoughts that inspire them to greatest, thoughts that will allow them to live the most creative and passionate life possible.

The Feeling Good Newsletter is for people who want to give up being addicted to 'bad feelings' which forces them to overeat, over-drink and take drugs as a way to comfort themselves.

The Feeling Good Newsletter contains a new way of thinking. This new way of thinking will set you free from the 'mind traps' society created that stress you out and make you feel uptight. This new way of thinking will allow you to experience yourself as the magnificent, powerful human being that you truly are.

A subscription to my newsletter normally cost $50.00 but to readers of my blog, for a limited period of time, you can subscribe to my newsletter for a one time payment of only $15.00 (24 issues)

-- Frederick Zappone

AUTHOR NOTE: In my early years, life knocked me down time and time again. Two of my children died unexpectedly, I went bankrupt twice and ended up divorced two times. I could have quit, given up. I could have even committed suicide but I didn't. Instead, I used what life threw my way to motivate myself to find a new way of thinking, a way of thinking that would set me free to create a life full of joy, inspiration, happiness and success. I did just that for myself rather than continuing to live in fear, doubt and dread.... and you can too

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