My Philosophy as President

.I posted this in 2016 but it applies just as well in regards to the 2020 elections

I'm seriously considering running for President.

I am sure many people who know me will laugh at the thought of me running for President. If they do laugh at me I will be in good company with such people as Nikola Tesla,  Wright Brothers and Christopher Columbus to name just a few.

If I do run.... I will not engage my opponents, ever, about the merits of my qualifications. Qualifications do not necessarily make anyone a good president. I have seen many a highly qualified person create bigger failures in both business and politics than I could ever create myself on my worst day.... One of the reasons I have no need to debate the merits of my qualification is because my life is what it is.... I did what I did (good and bad), and take responsible for all of it so why hide it from anyone. I think what the American public wants in office is a real person with real ideas who won't get caught up in arguments and debates with people that stops solid progress from happening. Here are some of the things I will run on:

A flat tax for all,  term limits. Election by popular rather than electoral vote. Eliminating all lobbyists from congress. In addition, I'll ask US citizens via the internet on a weekly basis which bullshit they would like to see eliminated from the government...and then focus on making sure the people get what they want.    And if I can't get something accomplished for the American people I will tell them who or what is stopping me from getting the job done for them and enlist their help in removing those obstacles or roadblocks.

If I do run for office, I do not intend for the presidency or government to be about me, I intend for the government to be of the people, by the people, for the people as our shared reality and not just a good idea that lives between our ears.

Regarding my VP running mate, I don't care whether my VP running mate is Democratic, Republican, Tea Party, Liberal or Conservative. The label he or she wears does not interest me. What interests me is that he or she is the very best VP candidate I can find and if he or she is a 100 times smarter than me, so much the better. Look I have no delusions about winning the presidency but I definitely will make everyone involved in politics more honest...

I will not lie to the American public, if I don't know the answer to a question, I will admit I don't know the answer and then find the answer that best meets the needs of the majority of our citizens.

I will also never defend my reputation. My reputation, for better or worse, is what it is. I am who I am. From my point of view, the truth about myself stands on its own merits and does not need defended. If it does, it wasn't the truth about me in the first place.

I will put the citizens of our country first. I will no longer make our country the 'savior' of the world. A strong America with integrity will contribute more to a stronger world that all the guns, bullets and bombs could ever accomplish. We will lead by example not by intrusion into other people's affairs.

We will not be an aggressor. We will attempt to live in harmony and cooperation will all countries and governments. We will not threaten other governments or countries with our rhetoric. However, if other countries take our non aggressive stance as a weakness and make plans to attack us, we will defend ourselves to the death....

Charity begins at home and taking care of our own, does not mean I think less of any race, creed or nationality different than our own.  It means being a good steward and taking care of my family (citizens of the USA) first, so my family (the USA) can take good care of others later on coming from internal strength (spirit) rather than from weakness or ego.

If I run and I am elected to office, the political blame game will stop. No one in my administration will ever be permitted to blame another for things gone wrong.  Blaming others robs people of their power and makes victims out of other people. I have no desire to give my personal power away to anyone for any reason and I have no desire to see any more political victims in the world. The world has seen enough...

The idea of running for President has been with me for years...

George Washington, our first President always has been an inspiration to me. Years ago I read a story about him that always stuck with me. As the story goes, George had no intention of becoming the first President. It was the furthest thing from his mind, however 'destiny' had different plans for him. People and circumstances, outside his control, conspired to make him our first President. 

In the beginning, he resisted the idea of being the leader of our country but when he finally realized that something 'greater than himself' was running the show, he surrendered to his destiny. Today, I feel like I am surrendering to my destiny (only time will tell for sure). 

Off and on, over the years I have thought about running for the Presidency but always 'nixed' that idea because I didn't want to play political games. Today, I realized I could run for the President, without playing political games, because I know who I am and I know where my power comes from. And because I know where my power comes from, I do not feel the need to play political games and I am not fearful that I will get caught up in other people's political games. What is my motivation you ask? To serve people and make a difference, that would be one reason. However, to be absolutely honest with you, my biggest motivation for becoming President of the United States is so I can fly around the world in Air Force I. 

Joking aside, I am  serious about running for President.  Your comments and suggestions would be much appreciated. If nothing else, my participation in the election will create some powerful conversations and give many people a voice who have not been heard up until now. 

One thing I will never do, I will never lose my sense of humor or perspective on the best way to treat people, different than myself, which is with love, kindness, understanding and deep respect.

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