The 'GROOVE' in my Head says I'm Bad, I'm No Good.


I have a groove in my head from all the years of people criticizing me for being different than them that says, repeatedly, outside my conscious control, that I'm bad, I am no good. 

Those painful thoughts live in my subconscious mind, a part of a permanent record of all that has happened to me.  What I experienced, in the past, I cannot change and I cannot erase those thoughts from my memory. 

I cannot even stop those memories from replaying themselves because people and events in my life, from time to time, inadvertently push my buttons that trigger those memories.

I used to resist listening to my subconscious mind replaying thoughts saying 'I'm Bad and I'm No Good'.  I resisted those thoughts with every bit of strength I had. The problems was, the more I resisted those thoughts the louder they got and the more power they had over my life to make me feel miserable...

I have been called everything from being selfish to being an emotional cripple and those are some of the kindest things people said to me.  I have no idea why people got off on insulting me but they don't insult me any longer because their insults and criticisms made me grow strong on the inside.... 

Instead of letting those thoughts make me feel bad, I used those thoughts to motivate me to write articles that would inspire and encourage people who have been criticized and put down like I was. I used those negative thoughts to find the positive side of every negative thing that has ever happened to me.
In my early years, life was tough on me. Two of my children died unexpectedly, I went bankrupt twice and ended up divorced two times. I could have quit, given up. I could have even committed suicide but I didn't. Instead, I used what life threw my way to motivate myself to find a new way of thinking, a way of thinking that would make my attitude bulletproof.  

I found that new way of thinking and with it I created a life for myself full of joy, inspiration, happiness and success rather than continuing to live in fear, doubt and dread.... and you can too

My Feeling Good newsletter is for people who want to feed their minds thoughts that STRENGTHEN them, inspire them to greatest and make them bulletproof to the bad attitudes of other people. If you are tired of feeling bad or being influenced by negative news of other people, then my newsletter is for you. 

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-- Frederick Zappone


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