21 Inspirational Quotes For TEENS

Share the best of yourself with others and others will share their best with you.

Whatever you focus your attention on, you attract more of the same.

Nothing can defeat you except your own thoughts or your thoughts about other people's thoughts, STILL your thoughts.

Judgments are thoughts without possibilities. 

The quickest way to get through a negative feeling is to 'feel what you feel' while continuing to move forward with your life.

Dwelling on a negative feeling only makes it stronger. It is also true that dwelling on a positive feeling makes it stronger too.

If you want your parents to listen to and understand you, take the time to listen to and understand them.
Parents want the best for you, they just didn't go to a parent school that taught them how to give you the best. Be patience with their on-the-job parenting of you, they will give you the best they have to offer.

The worst thing you can do to your self esteem is to allow people to abuse you (mentally, emotionally or physically). Abuse is a line you draw over which you do not allow people to cross.  The very best way to handle people who abuse you is give them your silence and walk away from them.

The best way to get over discouragement is to encourage others.

In life, you can either care about people or care about what people think of you...and you cannot have it both ways.

What you have today is a result of your thoughts and actions of yesterday. What you will have tomorrow will be a result of your thoughts and actions of today...

All violence begins with a single violent thought. If you have to do violence to anything, kill off your violent thoughts.

Fear makes us want to hurt others. Love makes us what to help others....

Any time you blame someone outside yourself for things gone wrong in your life, you lose some of your power. The quickest way to end up being a victim in life is by blaming others. If you blame enough people, often enough, you will lose all of your power.

The story you tell yourself is the life you create for yourself. If you are going to tell yourself stories, it benefits you the most when you tell yourself how great you are rather than how sad and bad you are.

You are much better than you think and not nearly as bad as you fear....

People only criticize powerful people, they never criticize the weak. When someone criticizes you, remember they are criticizing you because you are one of the powerful and not one of the weak.

The strongest answer you can give to someone who criticizes you is your silence because your silence says to your critic that in your world they do not exist.....

Two goals in life worth pursuing are #1, doing the ordinary, extraordinarily well. The #2 goal is to never disappoint yourself and to remember to take very good care of the people who take good care of you.

Replaying in your mind, over and over again the hurtful things a bully said or did to you allows that bully to hurt you over and over again.

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