Americans DON'T want The AMERICAN life they have (Article)

Don't get me wrong, I love America,  I bleed red, white and blue. 

When I say Americans don't want the American life they have, it is true.  American's don't want an increase in violence in their cities and streets, they don't want a decrease in their lifestyle.  

They don't want bosses who put profit and money before the welfare of the people who make the money for them. They don't want to be an economic 'slave' to corporate managers who use and abuse them. They don't want to give the best years of their life to a company and when the company no longer needs them, dumps them into the garbage (like a used computer or worn out pencil) without giving  a second thought about how they just destroyed the lifestyle of a loyal employee and his family.

They don't want more government debt. They don't want an uneven playing field where it is easier for the rich to get richer and harder for the poor to become rich.  They want less rules and regulations and more compassion and understanding from their government.  They want their government to be of the people, by the people and for the people rather than it being a government ruled by a privileged few for the benefit of the privileged minority, (the super rich).  

American's want their elected leaders to enjoy the same healthcare and retirement plans they have rather than 'special plans' created just for members of congress.  Americans want the bullshit to stop.  They want the lies to cease. They want men of character and integrity in office rather than men who will lie, cheat or steal to keep their positions of wealth and power.  American's want the America our forefathers dreamed of having, not the nightmare we have today created by our current elected officials and the greedy rich.

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