Heaven on Earth is on the other side of your PAIN (Article)

The way out of suffering is through it. Resist suffering and suffering
increases. Acceptance, in the moment, that you are suffering
will dissolve your suffering instantly. - Frederick Zappone

Pain is caused by resistance. The more we resist pain, the more pain we experience. Creating pain through resistance is what our culture taught us to do so we wouldn't be able to experience creating a heaven on earth for ourselves in the here and now. Feeling the pain heals it. 

Pain is like a mad dog, all bark, no bite.  Face your pain head on and it will dissolve instantly.  People fear pain because they falsely believe pain will kill them when, in reality, it is the resistance to pain that does. The moment you face pain head on, your first fear will be that of dying followed by hopelessness, emptiness, darkness, loneliness, and the VOID.....  If you don't resist the void, you will only experience it momentarily and immediately after that you will experience heaven on earth.

When you give up all resistance to your pain, you will move from experiencing yourself as an ordinary human being with a soul to experiencing yourself as an extraordinary spiritual being with a body. 

You will actually have an astonishing, fully conscious, out of body experience while at the same time you will be completely in control of your body. You will experience yourself in your spiritual body right behind your physical body.  Not only that, you will be able to move from your spiritual body to your physical body and back again without any effort at all, just by willing it, as long as you are not resisting any form of pain.

Once you quit resisting pain, miracles will begin happening in your life just by you thinking about them. 

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