The #1 Emotional VAMPIRE Trap......

ELECTION ADVISORY WARNING: Watch out for emotional vampires, they are many of them on the loose as the election draws closer. If you are not careful, they will piss you off in a spectacular, melodramatic fashion that will cause your blood to boil (they like it heated up) and your mouth to foam over with venom and hate.
 The #1 Emotional VAMPIRE Trap......

If you ever feel the need to defend yourself or what you think or believe, WATCH OUT,  it is a TRAP.  These traps are set up by 'Emotional Vampires' who want to rob you of your power, energy and strength. They will attempt to seduce you any way they can (debating, arguing, cajoling, baiting, aggravating, upsetting, criticizing or insulting you) if that's what it take to get you to defend yourself. The moment you take the bait and start defending yourself or your ideas, the emotional vampires start sucking the life out of you and when they have had their fill of you, they will leave you alone to die in your own upset.

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