Violence is costing us TWO TRILLION + a year.

The size of economic activity that is devoted to inflicting, preventing or dealing with the consequences of violence is costing us over TWO TRILLION DOLLARS a year.  
  • Violence containment cost the U.S. $2.16 trillion per year, that’s one in every seven dollars.
  • If violence containment were an industry it would be the largest industry in the U.S.
  • Federal expenditure has expanded in the last ten years, increasing by 15%
  • The size of Violence Containment is equal to the entire UK  economy
  • A 5% reduction in Violence Containment spending for 5 years would provide the capital to rebuild the nation’s levees systems, update the energy infrastructure and complete the upgrading of the nations school infrastructure.
  • ‘The study evidentiates that even small reductions in Violence Containment spending would result in a meaningful stimulation to the U.S. economy’ Steve Killelea.
Information courtesy of  Vision of Humanity.Org
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