I'm NOT A Morning Person. (Half Awake Thoughts)

Will world peace begin December 21st or will the world end?
People want money to be happy but experience unhappiness getting it.

Thoughts of lack about anything makes me feel bad.

Some days it is okay not to give a shit...  This could be one of those days..

What people think of me is not nearly as important as what I think of me.

The silent masses live on the other side of my computer screen.

Good Coffee  taste best first thing in the morning...

The internet is as addictive as sex, except it doesn't feel as good.

Wonder why so many people worry about whether they poop regularly or not? 

The internet is the only place where you can share your private thoughts and rarely know what people think about them. To this day, I am not sure why I spend time on the internet?  Email is good, Video chat is good, online banking is good and of course things to entertain me and amuse me to death makes time pass quickly when I'm bored. Mostly what you get on the Internet is everyone's opinion about everything.  In truth, I think people post on the on internet in the hopes that someone is reading what they are posting when in fact everyone is so busy posting, no one is reading what's being posted except maybe you. 

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