Morning Inspirational Thoughts

You can either worry about the future or consciously create it from intention. 
Worry is always an ALERT signal that you're not focused on your intention coming true.
The belief that other people don't want you to have what you want or are stopping
you from having what you want is YOU projecting your negative beliefs out 
onto other people. No one is ever against us except ourselves.
The more you play at life, the better life will treat you and the more love, health 
and prosperity you will attract to yourself. Don't you notice you are always attracted 
to playful people. Be playful and you will be attracting too. 
Worry is a waste of your energy.  It is a habit of thought that doesn't feel good and is addictive as cigarettes.  People don't give up worry because they falsely believe if they give it up, that will mean 
they don't care.  The truth is, if you do give up worry, it means you really, really care about you..

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