My On-Going Gratitude List.

The best way for me to establish a new habit of thought is by repetition and since it is important to me that my attitude of gratitude becomes habitual, I have created an on-going gratitude list for myself that I will add to on a regular basis. - Frederick Zappone

I am grateful I am alive
I am grateful for my health...
I am grateful for all the people who love and care for me.
I am grateful that I learned how awful being ungrateful feels.
I am grateful for the unconditional love Mimi and PJ  (my dogs) give me. 
  I am grateful for the people in this world who live in peace with one another.
I am grateful for my imperfections because they prevent me from criticizing others.
I am grateful to the people who have supported my work with their donations and purchases.
I am grateful for the 'gratitude feeling' because it creates the feeling of abundance inside of me...
I am grateful that I am giving up my ingratitude habit and replacing it with the grateful habit.
I am grateful when I feel ungrateful because it is my ALERT signal to focus on being grateful.
I am grateful to the people who appreciate me and acknowledge the contribution I have made to their lives.
I am grateful that I am becoming better at being grateful for what I have rather than complaining about what I don't have.

To be continued 

Understanding the Gratitude Law

When we start losing things, when things start going wrong in our life, when things we treasure are lost, most of us slip into an ungrateful state of mind. We do this because we see our loss as a bad thing, as a sort of punishment, when in reality, the loss of one thing opens up the door for a new and wonderful thing. However, if we complain about what we have lost rather than being grateful for what we have, we will lose more things until we have nothing at all. As long as we complain about what we lost and don't have, we will never see our loss replaced with something more wonderful than we had before. It is the law.

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