Solving Problems and Creating Things the NEW WAY....

What you call thinking is not thinking at all, it is playing (interacting) with the thoughts that already exist in your conscious mind.  These thoughts consist of everything you have read, every opinion and fact you have heard, everything that was taught to you. In your thoughts you will not find any original thinking, only old thinking that you put together in new ways. 

Observation: THE NEW THINKING.....

The process of  observing, witnessing, watching, looking is where all problems are easily solved, even the most difficult ones.  It is also where all new things are created because the moment you begin using the 'Observation/Looking' process, inspired thoughts, out of thin air, spontaneously, begin showing up in your mind that allow you to create new things and easily solve problems that have been troubling you for quite some time. 

It doesn't matter whether it is a money, love, relationship or health problem, the 'observation/looking' process will allow you to solve those problems faster and easier than any other way you can possibly solve your problems  This process of  'observation/looking' is so simple that some people have called this process too good to be true.  However, it is true...
To give you a excellent understanding of the 'Observation/ Looking' process and how to use it in 'real life', I have a PDF file for you. This PDF file explains, in simple detail, how to use the 'Observation/Looking' process in your own life to solve problems and create new and original things.. The PDF file is written by someone I admire and respect who has made understanding the 'Observation/Looking' process as simple as is humanly possible.    

The Observation/ Looking PDF file is available to anyone who wants it in exchange for a small donation. Your donation supports the work I do of encouraging and inspiring people daily with my writings and insights about life. To immediately receive your copy of this powerful document, leave a donation in the amount of your choosing.  Suggested donation $2.00 and up.    


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