Why Men CHEAT..... (The Real Reason)

Regarding why men cheat. The answer is fear of the woman they are with. His fear could be he is afraid to ask her something or he is afraid to tell her something. 

His fear of a woman comes from his fear of his mother or some other dominate woman in his life. As long as a man has any fear towards a woman he is with, he cannot be loyal to her... If a man feels safe with a woman, he will never cheat on her even if he has the desire to...

Any 'personal thing' your man feels like he cannot talk to you about, he will talk to another woman about.  He will never talk to another man about personal things.

It is not bad sex that drives a man to another woman, it is the lack of emotional safety in talking to you about bad sex that drives him away. It is not a lack of closeness that drive a man away from you, it is the lack of emotional safety to talk to you about the lack of closeness. 

When emotional safety isn't present in a relationship with a woman, a man's eye will look for a woman who he can feel completely safe with. And when he finds that woman, he will be loyal to that woman to a fault, long after she has lost her figure and the beauty of her youth..

Excerpted from the RELATIONSHIP HANDBOOK (MASTERY EDITION) By Frederick Zappone  The Relationship Handbook is available for purchase by request only and will never be available for mass distribution. To request this handbook, click here

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