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Woke up this morning, took off my rose colored glasses and looked at the truth straight in the eye. 

I have allowed myself to conned by the positive thinking movement.  I allowed the positive thinking movement to 'trick me' into being 'untrue to myself,' and that turned me into a hypocrite. Let me explain.

When pain (emotional or physical) gets stronger or intensifies that is ALWAYS an Alert Signal that I am being a hypocrite about something. 

Here is what I learned about being a hypocrite. 

First off, being a hypocrite is not the worst thing in the world. It is only the worst thing when I don't know I am being a hypocrite because it is then I experience the most pain in your life. The short definition of the word hypocrite is a person who pretends. Anytime we think one thing but feel another and don't acknowledge this conflict, we are pretending with ourselves...  (*** See Note Below)

This is where people get themselves into trouble with the positive thinking movement. 

What you feel is always the 'truth' of your being, it is the 'current reality' of your inner world, the place inside your physical body where you experience all the pleasure and pain in your life

Any time you repeat positive thoughts over the top of your immediate truth (what you feel) it can cause you to deny or conceal what you truly feel.  This denial of what you truly feel can, over time, cause you so much pain that eventually you will have to have it surgically removed. Why?  Because your pain manifested itself into your physical body as a physical condition requiring surgery. That's the bad news..

The good news is, if you give up positive thinking in favor of living life by your truth (what you feel), life will become MIRACULOUS for you.   For example, when you feel pain of any kind (emotional or physical) if you OBSERVE, WITNESS or WATCH IT, it will go POOF.  And in the process, greater truths will spontaneously enter your mind, out of thin air, that will make 'positive thinking' look like thinking for kindergarteners....

*** NOTE: Thinking one thing and feeling the opposite of what we think creates pain (emotional 
or physical) in the body if we don't resolve the difference between what we are thinking and feeling..)



Rhonda Byrnes, The Secret, Esther Hicks, Abraham- Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Joe Vitale, 
Louise Hays, Marianne Williamson, (__________) fill in the name of your guru.

Everything your teacher shares with you won't necessarily work for you..... if it is not your truth too. In others words, if you don't truly feel their words. If their words cause you conflict (mental or emotional) of any kind, that is an alert signal that their words are not your truth.   

WARNING: Trying to make your teacher's words your truth when they are not your truth will cause you a lot of unnecessary conflict and pain.  

Your teachers are successful at what they do because they rarely, if ever, LIE to themselves or pretend with themselves about anything.  There thoughts and feelings live in harmony with one another and that is what has attracted to them the success they have. 

Bullet Proof Your ATTITUDE + Embracing Pain ENDS pain

Observation: THE NEW THINKING..... 

Excerpted from Solving Problems and Creating Things the NEW WAY

The process of  observing, witnessing, watching, looking is where all problems are easily solved, even the most difficult ones.  It is also where all new things are created because the moment you begin using the 'Observation/Looking' process, inspired thoughts, out of thin air, spontaneously, begin showing up in your mind that allow you to create new things and easily solve problems that have been troubling you for quite some time. It doesn't matter whether it is a money, love, relationship or a health problem, the 'observation/looking' process will allow you to solve those problems faster and easier than any other way you can possibly solve your problems  This process of  'observation/looking' is so simple that some people have called this process too good to be true.  However, it is true... (To read complete article, Click Here)
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