Things I 'WILL NOT' do for Money...... (I will not manipulate you out of money)..


Charities use a variety of  'hard luck' stories to tug at your heart strings as a way to manipulate you into donating money to their cause. I refuse to do that. Yes, I need money too but I refuse to manipulate you out of it by telling you a 'hard luck story or by making you feel sorry for me.  

I know having a 'dramatic hard luck story' causes people to donate money like crazy. I  do want your donations but no matter how desperate I might get for money, I will never desperately ask you for money.  

I don't want you to donate money in support of my 'writing' up on the Inspired Living Blog because I, somehow, emotionally manipulate money out of you. Instead, I want your donations in exchange for the genuine 'inspirational' value you received from my writings.  

If I can't make you feel good, if I cannot inspire you enough to donate money in support of my inspired writing,  then I don't want your money at all. Why?  Because I don't believe in taking money from people who donate money to me because they feel sorry for my financial plight or because they feel they should donate to me out of some twisted sense of guilt, duty or obligation. I want people donating money to me because they love my writings and love the way I inspire and encourage people, world-wide, free of charge,  with my writings.

If you are a first time visitor,  read some of my inspiring articles  posted on this blog and if you find genuine value in what I share with you in my writings. If my writing inspire and encourage you, then please come back and leave a donation in support of the work I do on this blog.  - Frederick Zappone

AUTHOR NOTE:This is my full-time job and I have been doing this job for 5 years without a paycheck. Why five years without a paycheck? Because I believe the good I do on this blog will eventually be rewarded from sources unexpected, ueunexpectedly. You see I have faith in more rather than less. As a result, I know if I keep giving people my very best, if I keep inspiring people above all the rest, my good works will be rewarded.

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