Tim Tebow, Will he RISE from the ASHES?


Nothing changed about Tim Tebow, he is still the kind, compassionate, loving man he has always been. What has changed are the people who have used and abused Tebow for their own selfish reasons.  Is he a bad football player or a good one?  Is he a hero or the goat? In Denver, they thought he could walk on water and he did but that wasn't good enough for the owners of the Bronco's, so they traded him to the Jet who used and abused him for their own misguided and selfish ends.

Why is Tebow so controversial?  

Why do people love or hate Tim Tebow? What is he really guilty of?   He is guilty of one thing, BE-ING HIMSELF...  He is guilty of being true to himself and not allowing the critics, trying to mess with his head, stop him from being himself and for that reason alone, I give Tim Tebow, the man, a standing ovation 

I give Tebow credit for  being able to handle his 'football' situation  with dignity and grace. If he blew his stack and told all of his critics and naysayers to go to hell, I wouldn't blame him at all.  

What will happen to Tebow, the football player?  I don't know, only time will tell. What will happen to Tebow, the man?  I believe he will become more of a man and become a stronger, better and a more compassionate man than before, if that is possible.

There is no doubt that he has been going through the greatest test his faith has ever had.  And I for one, am rooting for him to pass his test with flying colors because we need more Tebow's in the world and less Rappers who use their 'music' to spew profanity, hatred and violence to young people everywhere.

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