Positive Money Quotations

1. The more fun you have making money,
the more money you will make.

2. As a spiritual person, you can do more good
in this world with money than you can without it.

3. a truly happy person is one who knows they can 
make all the money they want when they want it. 

4. The only reason people don't make the money they want is out
fear of losing what little money they have. That fear is increased
by  entertaining doubts about their ability to make all the
money they want when they want it. 

5. The belief that money is power is a lie. Money is paper..
You are the power that gives money its power. 

6. When you feel powerless around money that is because you have projected your power away from yourself and into a worthless piece of paper called money. No wonder you feel powerless around money, look what you projected your power into.

7. Would you spend $99.00 a month for the opportunity to make $20,000 a month, I did.  Why?  Because whatever thoughts I focus my attention on the most, I attract more of the same. The more I focus, only, on the positive aspects of money (rather than my fears about money), the more money I make.


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Successfully Yours,

Frederick Zappone
Money Coach and Author of:
Love is All I Know (Amazon)

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