Money LOVES Me. (My Story)

Each Dreamer's has an 'interest' they are passionate about.  And the interests dreamers have are as different as the stars in the skies. I have always felt like I had to apology for my interest, for my interest is money.  

During my growing up years, people criticized me, sometimes severely, for my passionate interest in money. It too me years to figure out that the people who criticized me about my interest in money did so as a result of their own immoral and rotten attitude towards money. 

For myself, the 'energy of money' is as a spiritual or as evil as we make it.  Money is to the body what prayer is to the soul. We need both to thrive and prosper on our journey through this life. And because I only see the good side to money, I love sharing the good things I know about money with others so that everyone appreciates the value, beauty and grace money brings to our lives. 

Without money our freedom to do all the wonderful things we want to do for ourselves, the people we love and people less fortunate than ourselves is severely limited.  

It is clear to me, as a spiritual person, I can do more good in this world with money than I can without it.  (To read more of my thoughts about money, )

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