People CAN'T Hurt me any more...

PEOPLE CAN'T HURT ME ANY MORE..... I used to think I was hyper-sensitive and that is why I got hurt so easily, then I realized I was hyper-protective, constantly trying to protect my feelings from being hurt by others. This action on my part resulted in me getting hurt a lot and deeply. Finally, I made the decision to no longer defend or explain anything about myself to anyone for any reason. From that point on, no one, with rare exception, has hurt me. The rare exception when someone has hurt me, it gave me the opportunity to see what thought or feeling I was protecting. Anytime I defend some thought or feeling I am attempting to protect it rather than be responsible for it and that has always resulted in me getting wounded by others. That's why, today, I do not protect or defend anything about myself. I am what I am, I think what I think, I feel what I feel, I did what I did, I take full responsibility for it. End of story.. (Sharing the love because love is all I know. )

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